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PROCESS buy/design Inc.

buy/design, Inc. reviews specifications and quantity of each item required for the project, and prepares to competitively bid whenever possible. This is inclusive of the following activity.

  • Identify any copyright issues and copyright ownership of specified items.
  • Determine bid - No bid items
  • Provide and review with interior design a listing of companies to be sent bid invitations.
  • Bid FF&E elements, (Vendors are to be supplied Owner's credit references and terms and conditions at this time.)
  • Provide Owner a summary of anticipated cost to budget based on bid results inclusive required elements and recommended opening attic stock.
  • Submit Bid Summaries to Owner with recommendation(s)
  • Receive Owner authorization to purchase
Purchasing Process buy/design Inc.

buy/design, Inc. performs the following activities:

  • Prepare purchase orders reflecting Client's documentation, terms and conditions.
  • Validate take-off requirements from other trades for carpeting, wallcovering, upholstery, bedspread, draperies, murals, etc.
  • Advise Client what deposits are required to be provided with purchase orders and their timely processing.
  • Submit purchase orders to Client for counter-signature and release to vendors.
  • Coordinate all finishes, fabrics, etc. that require interior designer review and approval prior to fabrication and/or shipment.
  • Assure collection of any flame retardant documents for project history and requirement that may be required by local governmental agents.
  • Expedite orders for timely shipment of materials and advise Owner contractors of shipment status of materials they are assigned to receive.
  • Provide a Project Tracking Report on a regular basis to Owner.
  • Review and validate all bills of lading with purchase order and invoices.
Financial Condition and Processes buy/design Inc.

buy/design, Inc. will represent Client as Agent with all suppliers and will not make any direct payment to any supplier. All supplier payment terms are based upon Client's credit references and commitment and demonstration of timely payments. The following details the Agent's role in this payment process.

  • Vendors will be required to submit deposit requests and invoices to Client c/o buy/design, Inc., Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • buy/design, Inc. will review deposit requests and invoices from vendors and freight carriers for accuracy.
  • Submit to Client a Request for Payment to the assigned Client's representative.
  • Agent will establish specific freight accounts with carriers, (i.e. UPS) that are project specific whenever possible for project accountability.
  • Client will make all payments to vendors.
Visitations and Job Site Activity buy/design Inc.

buy/design, Inc. will have one of its principals available to travel as needed to assure product quality or problem solve either at the factory or stage receiving location as required and allowed within budgeted allocations, or negotiated with vendors. buy/design, Inc. will also assist in resolving freight claims, installation and related punch list issues that require a jobsite presence. buy/design does plan to review FF&E elements staged at the assigned warehouse location prior to installation.

Design Assistance buy/design Inc.

buy/design, Inc. will assist as required with suggestions as to vendors who will be most cooperative in efficiently shipping product as specified and in a timely fashion. buy/design, Inc. will also assist the designer in whatever capacity they may require.


Recent Clients for Buy Design Inc.

Joel Robuchon


Recent Clients for Buy Design Inc.


Working with Buy/Design has been an absolute pleasure. The projects that you have completed with Thomas Shöner International have been extremely successful...
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- Thomas Shöner
Thomas Shöner International

Recent Clients for Buy Design Inc.

Also, I see that you’re looking for a top Purchasing agent, and I got to tell you, Laura Frankenberg and her company Buy/Design in Las Vegas is absolutely the most professional...
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- Shay Lam
Designer (formerly with tonychi & associates) now of Perkins Eastman.